Spectrum Content Status Cloud User guide V 1.0


Spectrum Groupe is pleased to announce that we are releasing Content Status for Confluence Cloud


Add a status macro to your confluence page

  1. insert "SP Content Status " macro

  2. Add text under status box ( not mandatory ) 

  3. Enter a width (example : 400px or 50%) ( not mandatory ) 

Edit page status from view Mode

  1. Click on the edit icon (Pen Icon)

  2. Change status

Only user who has page edit permission can change page status within this macro.

Manage Confluence space statuses

The list of statuses is stored per space. Adding, editing and deleting statuses is configured within space's configuration.

To manage the statuses : 

  1. Navigate to space administration of your space (Space tools)

  2. Navigate to Add-ons section

  3. Navigate to Content Status





Add Status

  • Click on the "Add Status" button

  • Enter a status name

  • Choose a color

  • Select an icon

Edit Status

  • Click on the "edit" link

If you want change :

  • the status name

  • the color

  • the icon

Delete status

Click on the "delete" link to delete a status from the list.

All the pages tagged by the deleted status will have the Default Status (Draft)


Status Dashboard

Statuses dashboard page lists all the pages which has a SP content Status Macro and a "content-status" label in a table with their details.

This dashboard  facilitate page search by status.