Discussion migration Guide

This version includes the first support of the server/DC to cloud migration.

It uses the cloud migration assistant released by Atlassian.

Before start

  • We recommend reading this Atlassian article to plan your migration.

  • Please check that you have Discussion the latest version "2.4 for server and 1.0 for cloud" installed in both your instances (having previous versions in any of them won't trigger the discussion migration; it will just migrate confluence space without discussion data).

  • Make sure  discussion is in the list of the "Needed in cloud" apps in the migration assistant.

  • Make sure that confluence users have valid mail addresses that are the same in their cloud counterparts

Migration process

  • Make sure that the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA) is updated to its latest version before proceeding with the migration process.

  • Use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant app to migrate everything you need from Confluence server to cloud. Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant explains in detail the step-by-step procedure to migrate the required content. 

  • Select the spaces and the users that you want to migrate

  • With every migrated space the related discussion will be migrated with its Discussions, categories, contributors...

  • Each migration has 2 major steps

                1 - Migrate Confluence data (Spaces, pages, users)

                2 - Migrate discussion data (categories, discussions...)

That's it ! A new space discussion will be migrated.





Discussion page


Discussion Forum

Category page

uncategorized page

Discussion configuration

After migration

  • The migration process ends once the migration assistant reaches 100% in the migration dashboard.

Differences between server and cloud versions









Discussion Macro's

Discussion information

  • In the server/DC, discussion must be resolved from the comments section.

Discussion contributors

  • Number is comments marked as solutions is also displayed in the server.

Discussion Resolver

  • Comments marked as solutions is read-only in the cloud version and display in the macro Resolver
    because this feature is not yet available in the cloud version.

Discussion Forum Macro's

Discussion timeline



Discussion List

Discussion summary

  • Add discussion button does not exist in cloud , in some cases the button is broken.

Discussion Contributors

Category page

Category timeline

Uncategorized page

Uncategorized timeline

Uncategorized List

Please make sure that discussion creators are valid in the cloud instance and do have valid permissions (Edit/View), lack of permissions can result in missing content during migration.

Known issues

  • Missing users or groups during migrations

  • Permissions issue 

  • Continuous migration loops related JIRA issue

We are here to help

If you experience any problems or behavior changes that are unexpected, please do not hesitate to open a support issue